Proper preparation is key to a flawless, long-lasting and even spray tan. Below I’ll point out my top tips for you. 

  1. Exfoliate: This step is so critical, you’ll want to remove any dry, dead and flakey skin or your old spray tan before your session. Believe it or not I can literally see when it goes on smoothly because of beautifully smooth skin, don’t miss this step!
  2. Shower-time: My first recommendation is to shower the night before your appointment. You’ll give your skin time to adjust its PH balance and your skin won’t be still be moist from the shower and the tan can absorb better. If your appointment is later in the day or evening, I’m fine with you showering in the morning. If you shower and then come to your appointment then your spray tan will likely not absorb well … word of caution.
  3. Clean-up: Your skin should be completely clean when you arrive to your appointment. That means, no body lotion, makeup or deodorant. If you’re coming from work, don’t worry, I have wipes and cleaner you can use to wash up. 
  4. What to Wear During Your Session: Most of my clients tan topless and just wear their bottoms for minimal tan lines. I provide disposable g-strings or if you’d like or you can wear your own, don’t worry, it’s washable, but I suggest wearing a dark color. 
  5. What to Wear After Your Session: I suggest you wear, dark, LOOSE-fitted clothing. A dark maxi dress, t-shirt and shorts or sweat pants. Please do NOT wear anything tight!

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