FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an airbrush spray tan?

I will spray a bronzer on your skin with an airbrush. I will choose the appropriate color for you based on your skin tone and our conversation. The bronzer develops color on your skin, then you rinse it off and you’re left with a tan. Think of the bronzer as hair color, I apply it to your skin, it processes, then you rinse it off and your left with color. 

How long will my tan last?

The majority of my clients say their tans last approximately 7-10 days. It also depends on your skin type and how you are taking care of your tan/skin afterwards. I will recommend after-care instructions during our appointment.

Is it done by a machine or by hand?

It is done by hand, by me. I take my time and make sure you have flawless coverage. I blend where necessary and I promise you, it will be better than any machine tan. 

Can I still workout with my tan?

Yes. Many of my clients workout with their tans.

Will my tan rub off on my clothes?

After you rinse off the bronzer, no. Your tan will not rub off on your clothes.

Will I be orange?

No. I’ve done A LOT of research and chose the best solution available, I’m well-educated in how it works. I will choose the right color for your skin tone and I will give you specific instructions on rinse time and after-care, follow my instructions and all will be well.

What is the difference between the Original and Rapid Glows?

First off, there is NO difference in color. The only difference is how long it takes to develop. The Original Glow, must remain on your skin for a minimum of 8 hours (not to exceed 12) and the Rapid Glow, may be rinsed off in 2-4 hours, depending on my instructions. Which one you choose, is a matter of convenience for you. If you have trouble deciding, I can help you when you come in for your appointment. 

What should I wear to my appointment?

You should bring/wear dark, loose-fitted clothing to your appointment. A sundress, loose pants, sweat pants, t-shirt, etc. During warm weather, sundresses and flip flops are perfect to wear. DO NOT WEAR ANYTHING TIGHT - NO YOGA PANTS OR JEANS. I tan most of my clients with just their bottoms on. I suggest you wear dark panties or a thong, I do have disposable thongs you can wear should you not want to mess up yours. 

How should I prepare for my appointment?

EXFOLIATE! This is critical step not to be missed. Removing dry/dead skin will help to achieve flawless coverage. Also, you should completely remove your old tan before getting a new one. Body scrubs with an exfoliating mitt or loofah will accomplish this. Tip: Exfoliate towards the end of your shower. DO NOT WEAR DEODORANT, the solution has a chemical reaction and turns green. If you’re coming from work, we can remove it, but if you’re coming in prepared please do not apply it until after. Come in with completely clean skin, no make-up, no lotions. Read the complete prep list at RadiantGlowRI.com/Tips.

When should I book my airbrush tan?

I suggest you book your tan 1-3 day before you need it. Sometimes the day of works too, i.e. if you come in the morning and want it for later that evening. All depends your schedule, you can book online anytime that is best for you. 

How should I take care of my tan to make it last and fade naturally

I offer soap and lotions that are specifically made for maintaining spray tans. The soap is very moisturizing and can be used to shave with too! The body lotion will keep you hydrated and the tan extender will extend the life of your tan. Otherwise, I suggest you don’t lather your body with soap if you’re not using one made for spray tans and moisturizing daily is essential. 

How can I make my tan last if I’m on vacation?

Believe it or not, sunscreen will protect your tan when you’re on vacation. It will act a barrier when you go in the water (pool or ocean). I also suggest you use tan extender (I have some at the salon), apply it after your shower, like lotion, it has a small amount of developer in it and it will help to extend the life of your tan.