Airbrush Tan Services

our clean products are plant-based and made from organic ingredients

Careful attention to detail, luxury add-on treatments in a comfortable, friendly and judgement-free environment, this will be a tanning experience like you’ve never had before. All bodies are welcome, so leave your insecurities at the door and get ready for the best natural-looking airbrush tan you ever had.

What Day is Best to get my Spray Tan?
Prepare for your Airbrush Tan
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Tanning Sessions

tans last ~5 to 10 days, allow 24 hours for full tan development

ORIGINAL / $40 / 20 min.
rinse off in 8 to 24 hours for best results

RAPID / $50 / 20 min.
rinse off in 1 to 4 hours, per instruction

DARK / $55+ / 20 min.
available in original or rapid

SHIMMER / $50+ / 20 min.
fine shimmer dust is added

HALF BODY* / $25 / 15 min.
choose upper or lower body


full body spray tans
RAPID +$10 / DARK +$15 / SHIMMER +$10

half body
RAPID +$5 / DARK +$8 / SHIMMER +$5


available to brides, bridal parties and existing clients only, exceptions may apply

1 to 4 tans: service booked + $25 travel fee per tan
5 or more tans: service booked + $75 flat travel fee
*deposit required


big savings when you purchase your tans in advance.

3 TANS / $105
SAVE $15
expires in 3 months

6 TANS / $200
SAVE $40
expires in 6 months

12 TANS / $360
SAVE $120
expires in 12 months


RAPID / +$10 per tan
quick-rinse, 1 to 4 hours shower time

DARK / +$15 per tan
extra coat for the ultimate dark tan

SHIMMER / +$10 per tan
fine gold dust is added to your bronzer

*prices based on ORIGINAL – upgrade options available.

When Should I get my Spray Tan?

Not sure what day is best to get your spray tan, one of my most frequently asked questions, is answered.

Tips to Prepare for and Maintain your Airbrush Tan

Proper preparation is essential to a flawless and long lasting spray tan.