Airbrush Tan Services

our clean products are plant-based and made from organic ingredients

Careful attention to detail, luxury add-on treatments in a comfortable, friendly and judgement-free environment, this will be a tanning experience like you’ve never had before. All bodies are welcome, so leave your insecurities at the door and get ready for the best natural-looking airbrush tan you ever had.

What Day is Best to get my Spray Tan?
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Tanning Sessions

Original Glow / $35 / 20 minutes
airbrush tan + drying powder. 8 to 24 hours setting time.

Rapid Glow / $45 / 20 minutes
airbrush tan + drying powder. 1 to 4 hours setting time.

Shimmer Glow / $45+ / 20 minutes
golden shimmer is infused into your glow for a $10 add-on fee to glow of your choice.

Dark Glow / $50+ / 30 minutes
double dipped for extra dark tan. $15 add-on fee to glow of your choice.


Purchase your package in advance and select PREPAID when scheduling your appointment.

3 Glows / $94.50
Save 10%, expires in 3 months.

6 Glows / $178.50
Save 15%, expires in 6 months.

9 Glows / $252
Save 20%, expires in 9 months.

12 Glows / $315
Save 25%, expires in 12 months.

*Expiration starts from the date of the first usage, not date of purchase, so you may purchase now and use later.

When Should I get my Spray Tan?

Not sure what day is best to get your spray tan, one of my most frequently asked questions, is answered.

Tips to Prepare for and Maintain your Airbrush Tan

Proper preparation is essential to a flawless and long lasting spray tan.