Airbrush Tan Services

our clean products are plant-based and made from organic ingredients

Careful attention to detail, luxury add-on treatments in a comfortable, friendly and judgement-free environment, this will be a tanning experience like you’ve never had before. All bodies are welcome, so leave your insecurities at the door and get ready for the best natural-looking airbrush tan you ever had.

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Single Sessions

Original Glow / $35 / 20 minutes
airbrush tan + setting powder. rinse off after 8 hours.

Rapid Glow / $45 / 20 minutes
airbrush tan + setting powder. rinse off in 1-4 hours.

Shimmer Glow / $45+ / 30 minutes
golden shimmer is infused for a $10 add-on fee.

Dark Glow / $50+ / 30 minutes
double dipped for extra dark tan. $15 add-on fee.


Packages and the Glow Membership are required to be paid in advance. To book a session from your package or membership select, PREPAID when booking online, book now.

3 Glow Package / $90+
$5 off each airbrush tan. expires in 6 months.

5 Glow Package / $140+
buy 4, get 1 free. expires in 12 months.

Tips: Before & After your Sunless Tan

Need advice? How do I properly prepare my skin before my sunless tan? What should I wear during my session? How long does it last?