Not sure what day is best to get your spray tan, well, you’re not alone, this is one of my most frequently asked questions, this is what I suggest.

When Should I get my Spray Tan:

  • 1 to 3 Days Before an Event
  • 2 Days Before your Wedding: To make sure all the bronzer is rinsed off before you put on your wedding dress.
  • 1 Day Before your Vacation: So it lasts the longest and make sure you take some tan extender to take with you!
  • On Wednesdays if you like to be tan all the time. If you come in weekly, this is the ideal day, it will take you through the rest of the week and the weekend nice and bronzed.

FYI: Spray tans can take up to 24-hours to fully develop.

How to Prepare for your Spray Tan

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