Perfect Glow Overnight Tanning Mousse


This luxurious caramel-brown mousse complements all skin tones and is easy to apply, odorless and dries quickly. Up to five full-body tans in one bottle. Wait a minimum of 8 hours before rinsing to allow the tan to fully develop. Shower and exfoliate, wait a minimum of 4 hours before applying mousse. Don’t want to wait 8 hours, try our Rapid Mousse and rinse off in 1 to 4 hours.

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Infused with sunflower, argan, pure coconut and olive oils for maximum skin hydration while pure botanical extracts provide anti-aging benefits and soothe the skin.

This paraben- and gluten-free formula exclusively uses eco-certified DHA and is gentle enough to be used on both the face and body.

  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free through PETA
  • Shade: Light-Medium to Dark
  • Rinse off in 8 hours (not to exceed 24)
  • Free from: parabens, gluten, mineral oil, alcohol, phthalates


  • Exfoliate the skin a day before to prepare for the tan.
  • Do not use any lotions, oils or perfumes on the day of application, which can create a barrier to the skin and poor tan development.
  • Apply mousse in a circular motion on clean skin.
  • Apply with our reusable tanning mitt.
  • Skin tones that can tan in the sun can apply two light coats.
  • Very fair skin tones that burn and do not tan should start with one coat. (If a darker shade is desired after showering, apply a second time. Patch tests are recommended.)
  • Wait 8 hours before rinsing to allow tan to fully develop.
  • RINSING: Do not get wet or work up a sweat until you rinse as that can adversely affect tan development.
  • Rinse with water only, without soap.
  • After rinsing, moisturize twice daily with our luxury body lotion.


  • Wear loose clothing after application to avoid streaking or uneven tan development.
  • Product may stain clothing. Dark fabrics are recommended. Avoid red fabric.
  • If applying without use of self tanner mitt, rinse hands immediately after application.
  • Patch testing is recommended.
  • This product contains nuts

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