10 Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Bridal Spray Tan

We’ve all heard the horror stories of spray tans gone wrong (the streaking, the peeling, the orange tint that never seems to fade). Though some brides choose to go natural to avoid the risk of a tanning mishap, not all sunless tanning options lead to disaster—with the right research and professional treatment, a spray tan might be the perfect sun-kissed finish to your bridal look. Leaning toward the idea of a fabulous faux glow? Melissa Weinberg, founder of Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty and Perfect Glow Sunless, shares her top spray tanning dos and don’ts.

1. Do: Research professional salons with bridal tanning specialists.

Finding the right spray tan professional is super important. Research spray tan salons with experts who specialize specifically in bridal tanning, that way you know your skin is in the right hands.

2. Don’t: Argue with your specialist when it comes to color.

Once you find your pro, listen to them when it comes to picking the right shade for you (especially if they tell you to go with a lighter one). “I always recommend they go light and natural,” Weinberg says. “A bridal tan should enhance your natural beauty and not overpower it.”

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